Beloved, make today count, cuz why not!!!!

What do you see

Wuz Poppin People,

It'e been some time since I bothered ya'll with a blog post but the time has come lol.

What do you see?  Simple right but not so much.  Think very carefully what you see, we focus on what you see very often.  Funny thing is, three people can be looking at the same thing but see it totally different.  

Its totally normal don't worry.  Its a matter of interpretation, but that is the blessed part of what makes our world go round.  Never try and force yourself to see what others see, especially when it comes to what they see in you.

You have to see yourself as great, wonderful, and dang outstanding.  Never let what someone else sees to gauge what you see.  If they see a deer, you see a beautiful creature created by God that boldly live in the wild totally unbothered. Get it stuff, I see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go and be amazing