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Classy Lady Soy Wax Crumblezz (Crumbs) 8oz
Classy Lady Soy Wax Crumblezz (Crumbs) 8oz

Classy Lady Soy Wax Crumblezz (Crumbs) 8oz

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Classy Lady - Perfect blend of sweet and spicy much like a real classy lady.  Gentlemen don't get deterred by the name its truly non-gender specific.

A gorgeous combination of Island Passion Flower, red currant, acai berries, sweet plumeria, green leaves, hawaiian jasmine, Valencia orange, and  fiery chili pepper,

 PSA-This can double as a moisturizer if you so choose....

We use natural soy wax flakes and quality phthalate free fragrances. 

Yessss Crumblezz, crumbled soy wax highly scented for your enjoyment.   Use the red spoon provided and scoop out 2 to 3 scoops drop in your warmer and enjoy.

We test each of our fragrances and they are long lasting and you are able to re-use them a maximum of 5 different times.  With each time you burn about 3 hours.

We do suggest that you do not use tealight warmers if at all possible.  The reason for this, the flame of the tealight will burn the fragrance off quickly.  Using the wax warmers with elements work better than the bulbs but they both work.

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