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About Us

kara of ps101 candles


PS101 is based in Maryland and was founded in April of 2017 by Kara Young. PS101 was birthed out of Kara's strong passion and love of fragrances which was passed down from her beautiful angel and grandmother: Elizabeth H. Phillips.  Kara's grandmother exposed her to fragrances, oils and expensive perfumes of all kinds starting at the young age of 12.  

Kara credits her love of fragrances to her beloved grandmother. Her grandmother loved her home to smell good but could never seem to find that perfect mix of fragrance in local stores. That's when the experimenting began. Kara began making new scents with her grandmother in mind and her grandmother loved every last one. When Elizabeth gained her wings,  Kara and her mother went to her grandmother's home to prepare it and they saw the very first spray sitting right by the bedside.  That spray was made in 2015 when the journey first began.  Her grandmother always encouraged Kara to launch her candle business, but she always had an excuse as to why it never happened.  Next it was time to pray for a name and to ensure the plan to launch a fragrance based business was the way to go.  The rest is smell good history, but Kara knows Grandmother Elizabeth is smiling down on her from heaven with pride as she embarks upon this journey.  PS101 candles is not just a fly by night dream, but a lifestyle for Kara as she brings the joy of great fragrances to others as her grandmother did for her.



What helps our flames stand so tall is our love of being different and unique. The mix of fragrances that we put together oftentimes even surprise us. Making natural soy candles in Kara's Maryland backyard is only part of her purpose. Using 'big hands' to craft unique fragrances, allows us to provide our candlelites a little piece of us in each and every product.