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9oz Glass Jar Candles

9oz Glass Jar Candles

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We have upgraded our wax game.....

PS101 sill offers 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan, phthalate free, cotton wick candles made with out proprietary blend of coconut, soy and palm plant hybrid.  The creation of this blend was purely accidental but it worked.

PSA: If your candle has a birthday and celebration date listed, please adhere to it.  Soy wax and fragrance must have a cure time, odd but true; the molecules in soy and the fragrance need time to come together as one.

Candle Burning Instructions
Burns for 65 to 80 hours.  To ensure you get maximum use out of your candle we recommend burning no longer than 3-4 hours at a time and trimming the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting.  Remember that glass candle jars are hot after use, so wait until wax completely cools prior to handling.  

Scent Descriptions

Reclaiming my Time - An ode to Aunty Maxine, this somewhat spicy lavender blend says is right on time.  With top and base notes of two lavender varieties, middle notes of rose, sandalwood and eucalyptus.

Booski - The MR. PS candle, we created a cologne fo rhim and this candle smells so much like it with the wafting aromas of oud, amber, followed with a rich woodsy aroma not to masculine but just right.

Queen - This unique blend has been a large part of PS101 for some time.  The heaviness of the Jasmine followed by the unexpected notes of cherries.

I am Her - A nose catching Lemongrass scent with just the right amount of sweet and musk added in.

Ole Skool - Just how it sounds, that old school sweetness that just reminds you of your favorite Jolly Rancher 

Heaven - Our most popular scent a blend of sugar, ambers, woods,y and floral notes that just hit the spot.  When you are cleaning or relaxing in the tub Heaven for the win.

About That - This scent just does something to you all on its own.  The uniqueness of the lemons added to the strong but alluring scent of port wine ending with the spicy notes of peppercorns, just wow.

Peace O Sage - A total surprise in the hot and cold throw.  The perfect amount of sweetness with the pineapple base notes, top and middle notes of vetiver and sage.  The nose catching surprise of this sweet yet earthy scent is a must.

Kloe - The blending of sweet vanilla, not strong but sweet vanilla layered with a very sweet lavender.  Its the blend you never knew you needed.

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