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Scented Soy Tealights

Scented Soy Tealights

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Our tealights are amazing for small spaces.

Light between 4 to 6 in different areas and they can fill your entire space.

We only carry our tealights in a few scents as they are some of our strongest scents.

Each scent is either a candle or a spray.

Kloe - a sweet scent that simply makes you smile 

Take a Guess -  As the name suggests, this is such a unique scent it begins one way and ends another.  We could not decide on a name so here we are.

Oceans - a delicious mix of eucalyptus and spearmint

Ole Skool - you remember that scent was just so sweet it made your mouth water little.  This is that scent.

Queen - this scent is not for you if you do not like strong unique scents.  This is a cherry blend and again very strong.

Heaven - Heaven is just that, it simply takes you to a place of peace of joy.