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Unisex Rollerball/Spray Fragrances
Unisex Rollerball/Spray Fragrances

Unisex Rollerball/Spray Fragrances

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Rollerballs fragrances are classic for on the go smell goods.

Our rollerballs aren't cut with any type carrier oils, they are straight, uncut, pure fragrance oils.

Each oil is hand blended in our shop and all scents are unisex.  The power, strength, sexy, sensual depends on your body chemistry.

Black - sandalwood, burnt sugar, patchouli, array of fruits

Blue - sexy sweet Egyptian Musk scent composed of  patchouli, myrrh, rose, vanilla

White - the amber white that you remember

Red - bergamot, neroli, sandalwood, black currant

Purple - coconut, mango, amber, floral notes

Mo-oud - amber, cedarwood, tonka, vanilla, musk

Green - Frankincense, pine, vanilla, jasmine, musk, myrrh

Grey - orchid, bergamot, noir, patchouli

Touch - bergamot, vanilla, tobacco, musk, spices, cacao

Orange - oranges, citrus, sugar, coconut, tobacco, cedar, mint,lavender, coriander

Brown - dark musk, vanilla, citrus, jasmine

Marble - jasmine, vanilla, woods, and spices

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